Help / FAQ

  • Are these broadcasts free?

Most broadcasts are pay per view either through a single game or annual subscription rate. Rates differ from event to event.

  • Why do I have to pay?

Broadcasting live takes a team of people and requires a lot of time. Viewers support makes it possible.

  • What are the benefits to an all access pass subscription?

For a flat rate you can have full access every single Go LIVE game / event. Subscribers also have instant access to archive and replay games imminently after airing. The subscription is annual and can easily be canceled anytime VIA PayPal at the end of the season.

  • My LIVE broadcast isn’t working!

From time to time due to technical issues our broadcasts don’t go as planned. If you have a complaint or would like to report a dead link / no signal please email technical support: Expect a reply in under 24 hours. Please be as specific as you can regarding your issue.

  • How do I log in?

Depending on your browser you will either be automatically logged in or have to manually log in once you visit the website.

To manually log in:
-> Click the event you want to watch
-> Click Unlimited Access
-> Click Google Sign In
-> Log in with your Google user/pass
page will reload with the WATCH LIVE link
-> Click WATCH LIVE link
-> Enjoy unlimited access

  • When can I see the replay of a LIVE game?

LIVE games / events are archived and posted on the Go LIVE Broadcast YouTube channel a week or so after they air. Unlimited Access subscribers have full access to archive games immediately after airing through this site.